iOS App Reopens When Closed

iOS App

Have you ever closed an iOS app and found it automatically reopened itself? Perhaps you thought you imagined it? No, it really happens, it is a bug, and this is how you can reproduce it.

Steps to Reproduce:

1) Make sure your Music App is closed (double tap the home button and flick the music app away)
2) Now very quickly triple-tap the Music App and then immediately after that, as the app is loading, press the home button

If you have pressed the Home button soon enough you will notice that the Music App will reopen automatically. Try again from Step 1 if it didn’t work for you, but make sure you tap the Music App at least twice very quickly then press Home straight away. If you wait too long before hitting the Home button then it doesn’t happen.

I found this bug a long time ago but forgot about it until now. I just tested this with iOS 10.2 and I can still get apps to reopen.


I have uploaded a video of the bug.

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