iOS App SwitchingGo on, you know you want to! A recent rash of articles have said that there is generally no need to swipe away iOS apps. In fact, it tends to be better not to. However, with the way some people are talking, it sounds like you could cause a nuclear disaster if you can’t resist the urge to swipe those apps.

Despite all the recent hoo-ha, there are some good reasons to swipe away iOS apps. Here are a few:

The apps list is cumbersome

Sometimes the iOS app switching screen lists so many open apps, it is hard to find the one you want. It helps that the apps are listed in order of recent use. But sometimes the list is so big that the app switching screen is rendered irrelevant. It becomes quicker to find the app you want on the home screen. If you prefer a trim list of open apps, then swipe away!

An app is not responding as it should

It happens often, you open the app and it goes blank or stops responding. How long are you supposed to wait when you know from experience that it always starts up fine after being swiped away. This is a problem not just with third party apps like Facebook or Google Maps, it happens to Apple apps as well like News and Reminders.

Some apps are battery eaters

It has been pointed out that swiping away your apps can lead to worse battery usage than just letting them be. The vast majority of iOS apps are probably not eating your battery (or cpu or ram) while you are not using them. However, some do. If that is the case for an app you use, you may want to first try using Low Power mode. If that is not a solution for you, then feel free to swipe that app away.


iOS App SwitchingLeaving apps open can reveal their last state to anyone else who may use your device. So, if you prefer the last used state to not be visible in the app switching screen, then swiping away the app can do the trick. Of course, this is not a highly secure way to cover your tracks, but it will do for some minimal privacy. E.g. I would prefer to keep our anniversary dinner location secret. My wife is not likely to check my Google Maps history, but she may see it on the app switching screen.

You have OCD

Ok, so obsessive compulsive disorder is not really a good reason. Or is it? I guess if it helps your psychological well-being for perceived loose-ends to be tied up, then swipe away!


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