Simple Amazfit Watchface Builder

Fabio Barbon has created a great utility called Simple Amazfit Watchface Builder (SAWFB). SAWFB is an easy way to create new watch faces for your Amazfit Pace or Stratos smartwatch. To get started just register and and login. You will find the [New Watchface] button on the home page. You can specify analog or digital or both, choose from a selection of background colours and watch hands, or upload your own designs and fonts.

My Watchfaces

I have been having fun creating watchfaces for my Amazfit Stratos (see all my watchfaces). There are some tricks to creating watchfaces for the Stratos. The Stratos switches to using 8-colours when the screen is in low-power mode. So you need to be able to create something that looks good in both high and low colour modes.

Wing Chun

Just for fun I created this watchface that resembles the Wing Chun wooden dummy hands. I haven’t yet figured out a way to specify different images for the high and low quality watch hands. If I upload high quality images to SAWFB then the low quality ones are automatically generated, and they don’t look very good. So I resorted to creating better looking low quality images in GIMP, and using those for both the high and low quality hands. If I figure out a better way to do it then I will update this watchface with nicer hands.

Nice Purple

You might think this purple is a bit harsh! But the Amazfit Stratos display tends to be a bit dull, so bright colours like this can look really nice. The purple colour was created using my checkerboard pattern page. Using checkerboard patterns means that the colour is not dithered for the low quality mode. It will appear identical in both modes. This watchface features transparent hands so that you can still read the digital time when the hands cross over that part of the watchface.

Nice Blue

As with the purple one above, this blue colour was created using my checkerboard pattern page. This watchface also features transparent hands with black digital font on white background.

Analog and Digital 02

This simple layout was designed for readability. The grey background for the digital part was created using my checkerboard pattern page. This watchface also features white transparent hands.

Want More?

Let me know in the comments if you have an idea for a particular watchface design, or head on over to the SAWFB to check out the thousands of available designs.

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