iOS Rotation Weirdness

There is a lot to like about iOS 10. On my iPhone 5, folders and apps launch and close snappily and there are some great new features such as widgets on the search and home screen.

iOS Rotation

However, when you do things too quickly iOS can get a bit mixed up. This is a screen shot of what happened when I double-clicked the home button (app-switching) and tilted my phone at the same time (causing rotation).

iOS Rotation Bug

As you can see from the screenshot, the app-switching screen has launched, but the apps have not finished rotating.

Steps to Reproduce

It is not too difficult to reproduce this bug. Just go into an app that allows both portrait and landscape orientations. Start in portrait mode and then hold your device flat. Then tilt it sideways to force rotation. Just as it begins to rotate, double click the home button. I was able to reproduce the bug after a few tries.

Other weird stuff happens when you launch an app but your finger slides a little bit and the home screen launches and slides at the same time.

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Found An iOS Bug?

Have you experienced any weird bugs in iOS 10? Share your experience in the comments.

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