Google Mobile

If Google want to beat Apple in the mobile device game, they need to keep building an ecosystem of Google Mobile Apps and Services that also work on iOS. Continue reading »

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Check out these cool wooden covers for Apple products from Cover-Up’s #WOODBACK collection. They look stunning – and free economy shipping to Australia too!

Cover-Up Wooden MacBook Pro Cover

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What Old Phones Did You Have?

Old Phones

I just spent way too long looking up all the old mobile phones I used to have. It was kind of fun. I have not had a lot of phones, but here is my list Continue reading »

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AirPods adAirPods Ad

Apple have released a new AirPods ad. The ad features dancer Lil Buck and music by Marian Hill. Continue reading »

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iOS App Reopens When Closed

iOS App

Have you ever closed an iOS app and found it automatically reopened itself? Perhaps you thought you imagined it? No, it really happens, it is a bug, and this is how you can reproduce it Continue reading »

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iOS 10 Bug Will Drain Your Battery

iOS 10 Bug

If your iOS device has its display on when you don’t expect it, perhaps you have run into this bug. This iOS 10 bug causes the display to unexpectedly stay on (i.e. not fade to black). Continue reading »

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MacBook Pro Battery Life Resolved

MacBook Pro BatteryMacBook Pro Battery

Macworld is reporting that Apple has resolved the poor MacBook Pro battery life issue raised by Consumer Reports.
(Macworld, Consumer Reports)

Apple has released the macOS Sierra 10.12.3 Update which addresses battery problems. Perhaps this indicates that the Consumer Reports issue was not the sole cause of MacBook Pro battery life issues. (TechCrunch)

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